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Donier Gastronomie

Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

Every meal should be a gastronomic experience

Specializing in meats, cheeses, and poultry, Donier Gastronomie, a premium foodservice wholesaler, is committed to delivering highly personalized, premium services with a proactive, can-do attitude.

The essence of this commitment inspired Donier Gastronomie's new brand identity. The visual narrative centers on chefs, experience curators, waitresses and discerning foodies, spotlighting the meticulously selected, high-quality products that define their offering. 

The new brand strategy and visual identity is a reaffirmation of Donier Gastronomie's dedication to excellence, quality, and the enriching experience of food, embodying the essence of culinary craftsmanship – Curated Quality for Every Taste.

Donier Gastronomie


Silja Minkkinen

Photography Assistant          
Eepu Näsi

Food stylist          
Outi Forstén

Jennifer Appleton

Print Production          
Grano & Sokkeli

Special thanks          
Efe Yetiskul & Ravintola 305

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